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Locally owned and operated since 2004.  We proudly serve all your rock needs!  From screened material to crushed granite based rock and soils. 
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Welcome to our Quarry

Thank you for the opportunity to provide the material that make your projects the best they can be!

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Delivery to Spring Creek, Lamoille and Elko

Delivery of our 18 yard truck serves for the best value per yard!  We also serve the community with 10 and 15 yard trucks. We will deliver as little as 1 yard for the base delivery price plus material.

Call to schedule (775) 778-1225

What kind of rock do we carry?

Our rock is a granite based rock.  We carry a multitude of products from fill dirt to river rock.  Most of the products we have are screened from our raw pit run into classifications for building driveways, roads and landscaping.  The number one selling product from our pit is our Type II road base, this is perfect for driveways.  This road base passes Orange Book specs and is used for county and state roads.  Starting in 2020 we did start to crush our screened clean rock for chip rock, manufactured sand and a mix of crushed sizes to top that driveway with or use for landscaping.  Building a new driveway, shop pad or road?  Read the article to help guide you in the right direction.

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How much material do I need?

If you are planning to lay a landscape gravel path, looking to improve the look of your yard with pea gravel elements or create a driveway, this gravel calculator might prove itself useful.  It will help you estimate the amount of material required to finish all of your desired earthworks.  
We are happy to delivery a minimum of one yard or fill either of our 15 yard or 10 yard trucks.  Delivery prices do depend on location of destination.  Pick up at the quarry are always welcome!

Gravel Calculator


Providing tested material of superior quality to your home or job site!

See our current products below.  

3/8" - 1 1/4" Crushed Rock

In Stock

This stone has been screened clean before being crushed.  May have some dust on it, becomes clean after a good rain. Can be used to top already established driveways and landscaping.

Screened Rock

In Stock

This stone has been screened clean.  May have some dust, but is very clean and roundish edges.  Can be used for landscaping, dog runs and pathways.

Pea Gravel

Out of Stock
Check back 2022

This stone has been screened clean, not crushed. May have some dust on it, becomes clean after a good rain.  Used as chip rock by asphalt and concrete companies.  Can be used as ground cover and landscaping.

3/16" Crushed Sand

In Stock

Also known as manufactured sand.  Used to mix with current arena sand, sandboxes, volley ball pits and winter time mixes with salt.

Bedding Sand

In Stock

This sand is a 1/4" minus screened sand.  Very similar uses to crushed sand, but preferred uses are for utility trenches, under swimming pools and pavers.

Leach Rock

In Stock

Also known as Drain Rock. This stone has been screened clean before being crushed. May have some dust on it, becomes clean after a good rain. Average size is 1 1/2" to 2" with roundish sides. Great for septic leach fields, landscaping and ground cover.

Pit Run

Always in Stock!

This product is a 4" minus and always readily available. Used as a base for roads and driveways.  Do not skip this material when starting a shop pad or new driveway.

Type II Road Base

In Stock

This product is a screened 3/4" minus with an 85% natural fractured face and meets Orange Book (NDOT specs.) Used best for driveways, great compaction under concrete and parking pads.

Fill Dirt / Top Soil / Garden Blend

In Stock

We always have in stock fill dirt - this may have rocks and sagebrush in it. 
Top Soil - Clean Dirt
Garden Blend - This is a clean top soil mix with steer manure and sand.  


In Stock

River rock is screened into different sizes for your preference.; Oversized is mainly a 2"x4" with some 6" mixed.  Use for landscaping and ground cover.

2"x 4" River Rock

In Stock

Screened rock to the size of 2" to 4" with roundish edges. This is our most used river rock for landscaping and ground cover.


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